Online Casino Apps for Real Money

Casino Apps That Pay Real Money Via PayPal

This article is going to cover in-depth, the reasons for the frenzy surrounding gambling apps for real money, which has taken over the gambling industry lately. Casino games are perceived as interesting pastime activity and have been a part of the urban culture for a long time now. But with advancement in technology, even the casinos needed updating, and they got it in the form of online applications and web portals on which people can log-in remotely and play from the comfort of their homes. First it all started with virtual money, as it was all fun and play, but soon with time, many casinos offered apps that pay real money PayPal to their users.

Casino Apps That Pay Real Cash

What apps to choose if you are casino player

With the emergence of such applications, the entire gaming industry has changed and now there are many apps that pay real money PayPal to their players. The biggest problem with online casinos and gambling games however, is that the cash rewards or pay-outs are not quick. When a player’s money gets stuck in the game for a long time, there is nothing more frustrating than that. But this problem was also solved by many apps that pay real money PayPal, as they are offering rewards through PayPal, which is a quick medium to transfer money to your bank account, and cash it out whenever you want.

Even now, there are many users who are sceptical of using online gamble for real money PayPal, as some people think it is not safe or secure. While many others think that with real money, things can escalate unbelievably fast and they might end up losing an amount that they cannot afford to. But still some apps that pay real money PayPal, are secure and safe when it comes to currency value that matters.

There are many online gambling portals and apps that offer multiple games and entertainment sources, but the best PayPal casino is difficult to segregate with so many apps available. While Miami Club, Red Stag, Bovada, Sloto Cash etc are few names that have been distinguished as one of the best PayPal casino apps, but there are many upcoming apps as well, that have cutting edge technology and unparalleled features.

Advantages of mobile gambling

Some apps have amazing features that are offered to the players, and some of the important ones are:

  • Excellent welcome bonuses for the users, to give them a kick-start.
  • Hundreds of casino games and slots to choose from.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support system that deals with all grievances of the customers.
  • Easy deposits in the accounts of online casinos, without much time lag.
  • Quick withdrawals, allowing users to encash their rewards and use it, rather than the reward being stuck in a portal for a long time.

The online casinos that hand-out money through PayPal, are the best ones as PayPal is a quick and digital medium to interact with your monetary gains. You can not only spend the PayPal money quickly on something you need, but you can also transfer it to your bank account for later use.

All these are some salient and basic features that distinguish a good, authentic and genuine online casino application from the bogus ones. If an app provides these facilities and services to the users, it can easily be considered as one of the best PayPal casinos.

Online Casino Apps for Real Money

Responding to the solicitations of customers is the base rule in any domain for any business which desires to do more than just to survive, but prosper. One of the latest questions that have come into online gamblers’ attention is whether are there any casino apps that pay real money? A legitimate puzzle on their behalf, seeing how a shift has happened towards smartphones and tablets, in the better part of our lives. Most jobs and tasks, as well as activities during our free time, can be solved through apps on these mobile devices. So, this raised the concern that the majority of gamblers have, of getting access to their favorite games through a real money casino app. They sensed that the fact they’re not required to go at a land-based casino’s specific location but are being tied up in front of their desktop at home doesn’t really change that much, in terms of increased mobility.

From the online venues’ point of view, it’s obvious why they oriented themselves towards casino apps that pay real cash, being the very same reason that stood behind their decision to go towards the online gambling market: the undeniable tendency towards digitization that our generation has and the increased accessibility. As mentioned before, becoming digital is the future of most businesses and as those operators that invested in this tendency, before it became mainstream, found out, it’s highly profitable. A similar evolution to the development of online gambling can be witnessed in the case of gambling apps that pay real money, as well as a decline in revenues, for those casinos which don’t comply with this trend. Many players have been lost by less responsive operators, in favor of those that had the ability to answer quickest to the inquiry: what casino apps pay real cash?

And it’s not just the casino apps that pay real money that suffered an increase in demand, but also software operators that were fast in adapting their games for the mobile world. A similar trajectory had the software developers which created Adobe Flash, or HTML5, the two main software used to maintain the quality of casino games when adjusting to the smaller screens of mobile devices.

Slot Apps that Pay Real Money

When we’re talking about online casino games played on mobile devices, the first that pops into mind are the slot machine apps that pay real money. They are the most wide-spread of the entire gaming selection of any casino. Considered the cornerstone of any successful gambling venue, it’s not a surprise that most software developers have turned their attention towards creating slot game apps that pay real money. There are many reasons as to why should a gambling enthusiast opt for downloading real money slots app on their smartphones or tablets and here are some of them:

  1. First and foremost, the convenience felt by not having to depend on anything else to play slot apps that pay real cash, other than enough battery to hold you as much as you’d like and a top-quality Internet connection.
  2. Opting for slot apps that pay real money, as opposed to using the desktop, can be more discreet. Seeing how some more conservative people still frown upon when hearing about gambling, it’s best to keep a low profile.
  3. The best slot apps that pay real money, usually have an impressive range of titles in their offer.
  4. They combine some of the latest trends in the industry of online gambling, such as the slot apps that pay PayPal.

Advantages of Real Money Apps

In our opening chapter, we’ve brushed against most of the benefits pertaining to using real money apps and we’ll take a closer look at them here:

  • Any casino app that pays real money differentiates itself from the regular desktop version through increased accessibility, allowing players’ access at any time and anywhere, not being locked in front of a computer’s screen.
  • The best gambling apps to win money are also trying to attract players by offering them an enjoyable experience. The first step is ensuring that the layout is adjusted to the smaller screens and that the quality doesn’t suffer severe alterations. Interesting developments in graphics and game features are sought after by some of the software developers who are oriented mostly to creating mobile casino games.
  • Usually, the casino apps to win real money are easy to download and easy to register at. Also, they offer the possibility to play for free, as a demo version, for players to have the means to adapt easier to the new layout of otherwise familiar games.
  • It’s a common marketing strategy to hand out special bonuses only for those registering for the first time on the mobile version of the game, or when downloading for the first time the casino app.

Top 3 Casino Apps in US

Having such a wide range to choose from, it’s a tough job to find the best casino apps that pay real money. There are some concrete standards that have to be met, as for instance presenting a large gaming selection, including progressive jackpots or live casino games. The real casino apps that land-based venues have created benefit of the expertise that these operators have in the industry, but some of the original online casino operators are more prone to innovation. It’s to differentiate among them and in the end, it all comes down to the subjective view of the player, so let’s just check what casino app pays real money through some of our reviews on the matter.

Online Casino App Bonus
Slots Empire 220% up to $12000
Red Dog 225% up to $2250
Cherry Gold 70 FS
Uptown Aces $4000
Planet 7 350% + 55 FS

Slots Empire Casino

There are three important aspects that caught our eye after downloading and accessing this casino app that pay real money and herein lies the advantages it has on many other similar apps:

  • After testing it, we were impressed by the swiftness and rapidity of the loading time, something that lacks most real gambling apps. It is indeed an app created in%YEAR%, but even so, they managed to devise a competitive product.
  • The graphic and design of the site look amazing on desktop and it keeps intact its main characteristics after being adapted for the mobile version.
  • Seeing how we’re talking about mobile gambling when reviewing a casino app win real money should be one of the focuses. Slots Empire has 5 consecutive matching bonuses of 220% the deposited money as their sign-up promotion, amounting to a total of maximum of 5000 dollars.

Red Dog Casino

Another late release, considering that online casinos exist for some years now, Red Dog Casino concomitantly launched in%YEAR% one of the most popular casino apps that pay real money. The design has a modern touch to it and we can easily distinguish the high-quality graphics used. The same quality is transposed in the mobile version, as well.

One of the pluses which recommends their app, something that not many real cash casino apps ensure, is the fact that it accepts payments using Bitcoin. This could really be the flagship of gambling’s technological development: online casinos, mobile apps and cryptocurrency, all in one package.

But the best part about using gambling apps real money are always right around the corner. Red Dog casino welcomes players with a no deposit bonus when enlisting. Then it continues with a mad sign-up promotion, matching the first deposited sum by 3 times, going all the way up to $6000. Different bonuses follow, such as the one for betting using Bitcoin.

Cherry Gold Casino

Whenever you’re wondering what casino apps pay real money, Cherry Gold is sure to come to mind. These popular apps are regularly pertaining to online venues which impress the most with their bonus supply. Cherry Gold is definitely one of those casino game apps that pay real money, due to its welcoming bonus which consists in no less than 10 consecutive matching deposit bonuses that double the money transferred in the user’s virtual account opened at this casino, up to a limited amount of $2200 in total.

But being a casino app, real money based is not the only asset it has. It comes with a large selection of titles, due to its fructuous collaboration with RTG, as the only software provider, it works with. The casino’s theme is rather classic, but well developed and put into a stage, while the support department is full-time on the job, by phone, live chat, or e-mail.


Summing up what we’ve already told, the most intense question in everyone’s head at the moment is which casino apps pay real money? The selection is wide and comprehensive, given the numerous advantages playing on mobile devices brings, at least compared to the desktop version, not to mention land-based casinos. Using a mobile application is more convenient for gamblers, as they can do it at any time they feel lucky, regardless of their whereabouts. It’s also more discreet, saving yourself a potential lecture on the hazards of gambling from a biased and prejudiced by-stander. It also reunites many of the current trending technologies, such as HTML5, which adapts desktop version of the casino to mobile screens, or betting using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
Finally, through casino apps real money seem closer than ever. Most casino apps reviewed by us seemed to get a big part of their popularity, on account of their bonus offers. We’ve had matching deposits offered, no deposit bonuses, free spins, cashback options and comp points used for loyalty plans.
The entire enumeration of perks can only lead to a single conclusion: at least once, a casino app should be accessed, just to see if it has enough advantages to get the player hooked.

Casino Apps FAQ

Casino Apps FAQ
What is a real money casino app?
It's a downloadable application for your mobile phone/tablet or even PC. A lot of online casinos have mobile versions, but if you prefer to play in one place for a while - it's easier to download and install their slot app that pays real money.
Can I play at casino apps with PayPal?
Sure, you can play at casino apps that pay real cash with PayPal. Most of them are using different payment systems such as Visa, Mastercard, Neosurf, Bitcoin and PayPal. In different countries casinos offer different payment methods.
Are slot apps for real money available for all devices?
Yes! You can play on Apple or Android devices and from laptop aswell.
What are the most popular casino apps in the US?
Most of the modern online casinos have their casino apps to win real money. For full list - read our article, but we definitely recommend you to try Slots Empire, Red Dog, and Uptown Aces. The first two are new US casinos with good UX and modern graphics. Uptown Aces - well known American casino app.