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GamblingComet takes care of your safety and security of your data, which is why we came up with the Privacy policies we are hereby present to you. We aspire to provide you with open and transparent conditions of cooperation, which is why we constantly work on improving our privacy policies, making them working both ways and benefiting both our clients and our audiences. Our privacy policies account for a variety of operations that might occur among GamblingComet and the clients, which is why we constantly work to improve the conditions of cooperation between all parties and ensure their cooperation is safe and totally secure. Here, you can find detailed information on our privacy policies.

Data Collection

First of all, we collect the non-identifiable information that comes from the users and is not considered private through the interaction of the user with the GamblingComet website. This is a type of information that is not considered private or that which compromises the security of the user in any way. This information does not allow us to identify you as the user until you log in to our website.

Furthermore, we collect technical information transmitted by the users’ devices via third-party cookies. This data might include the operating system you use, the browser, user’s language preference, and the website from which you linked to Gambling Comet. This allows the service to conduct analyses that are in no way related to the personal data of the users.

Additionally, we use this technical data to analyze how much time the users spend on Gambling Comet website, what sections of the website they visit the most, what sections of the websites are of interest to the users, allowing us to analyze the performance of the service and adjust it. All of the abovesaid falls into the category of non-identifiable information pertaining to the visitors but not pointing at them directly. Simply put, the data comes from you, but the service does not know who you are.

The second type of information we collect is the information that is individual to the user and can be viewed as Personal Information. This is the type of information you agree to submit to our website by agreeing with our Terms and Conditions, allowing us to send you messages or notifications, and subscribing to Gambling Comet service. Gambling Comet can only access this type of information upon your agreement. After you agree to submit personal data, we might also collect the information about your device and connectivity, as well as your location.

After you agree to submit your personal information all the data, including non-identifiable information, becomes Personal Information and is treated as such for as long as the client does not revoke their agreement for the collection of information.


Gabling Comet uses cookies as the additional method of web analysis to collect, retain, and track the data related to the visitors and belonging to the subscribed clients.

A cookie is a unit of data that is stored on your device and contains the information about your admission to the website. Gambling Comet and our affiliates might use these units of data for a variety of purposes, such as ensuring the efficient navigation of the customer through the pages, enabling the activation of certain features of the website, and remembering your preferences making the cooperation between the customer and the service easier and more satisfying.

We use different types of cookies, such as persistent cookies, session cookies, and third-party cookies. Each of those serves different purposes, and of course, the users can disable the use of cookies in the browser setting menu.

What We Use the Information For?

First and foremost, we only use the information you allow Gambling Comet to use. Secondly, we only use the information the law allows us to use. There are several conditions under which we might be entitled to use your private information:

– In case it aligns with our legal interests (or the legal interests of the third party) and the interests of the client and does not violate the fundamental rights of an individual.

– In case the client gave the service a specific consent to process particular pieces of data and use them. All of this has to be agreed in accordance with the relevant legal procedure. We always request the client’s consent prior to sending the information to the third parties, and we never use the personal data of the clients without their direct consent.

As for the reasons for using the personal data of the clients, there are several reasons as to why Gambling Comet might use your private information. Noteworthy, regardless of the reasons, the data can only be accessed and used within the legal frameworks and under the circumstances outlined above.

– To deliver our services to the client (enable the client to use the services of Gambling Comet)

– To establish communication between the client and the service. This communication might occur in case any issues arise on either side.

– To provide efficient support for the clients and maintain the functioning of the service.

– To develop Gambling Comet as a business by analyzing the behavior of the customers and their preferences.

– To provide the clients with relevant information and updates on the functioning of the service and special offers.

The personal data (doth non-identifiable and identifiable) is collected for the purposes above within the legal framework and only when necessary for the legitimate interests of the company and for the benefit of the clients. We use the data for analytical purposes. This data collection is aimed at improving the customer experience and promoting the usability of the service in such a manner as to ensure the majority of the visitors and regular users are satisfied with the quality of the GamblingComet Service.

Personal Information Sharing or Disclosure

Gambling Comet does not sell or share in any other way the Personal Information of the clients. Any disclosure of the Personal Information to the third parties may occur within legal frameworks and under the following circumstances:

  • The third-party agent belongs to the same group as Gambling Comet
  • Non-identifiable data (data that does not relate personally to the client) can be shared with the third parties for analytical purposes.
  • The Personal Information can be transferred to the third party in case Gambling Comet is acquired by or merges with the said third party. In this case, the clients will be notified of the merger or acquisition with the opportunity to revoke their compliance.

In any of the abovesaid cases, Gambling Comet is obliged to make sure that the third party that acquires the Private Information of the clients has all the measures to secure and protect said data. We do not allow third-parties to use your data for their purposes or in any manner that violates either your fundamental rights or the law. In any of the cases mentioned above, the clients can revoke their membership and prohibit the use of their information by either Gambling Comet, third parties, or its affiliates.

There also are additional conditions under which we can use or disclose your personal data:

  • To comply with the governmental request, the law, or regulation.
  • To investigate and prevent any possible wrongdoing, illegal activities, and suspected frauds against Gambling Comet or its clients.
  • To exercise our fundamental right to defend against legal claims.
  • Prevent any harm or damage that can be inflicted upon the rights, safety, lives, or property of our clients, ourselves, or the third parties.

Third Parties Data Collection Terms and Conditions

Please note that the Privacy Policies of Gambling Comet are unique to this particular service and that other companies might have different. You should always check on the Privacy Policies of any company you cooperate with for any purpose. By signing up the terms and provisions of the company, you are assuming all the possible risks and implications.

Time Frames

All the requests to change or delete the information are to be processed within the time frame required by the law. The GamblingComet provides the answers to the requests and fulfils the customers’ requests within 7 business days. Whenever the customers need any changes done to their private information or whether they require a complete deletion of the information, we deliver on our promises and fulfil the requirements of our customers.

These services are completely free of any charges, so you can exercise your fundamental rights whenever you feel fit without having to pay us anything. Other services concerning your basic rights are completely free of charge as well.

Protection of Your Data

Gambling Comet pays a great deal of attention to the safety and security of the customers and their information. To make sure you and your information are protected, we use the industry’s cutting-edge procedures and relevant policies to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. We employ the best encryption technologies, including the Secure Socket Layer, that allows for the extra-protection.

If you suspect that your data has been treated in a way that goes against our policies or that your information has been violated in any way, you can contact our support and file a complaint.

Data Retention Period

Our main value is the privacy of your data, as well as your total and unlimited control over it. What we mean by it is that we never interfere with your right to withdraw your information from our website. You can request a complete deletion of your data from our website at any moment, which means we would be obliged to delete and never access or use your data in any possible way ever again. Additionally, you can also make corrections to the information you gave us before in case something changes or you made some mistakes.

Remember that we would retail your information in our database where it would be protected unless you instruct us otherwise. The period of data retention is indefinite, which means we will be keeping it for as long as Gambling Comet keeps functioning. In case Gambling Comet stops its operations (not merging with or being acquired by other company), all the data storage containing the personal information of the clients shall be deleted.

Additionally, you can exercise the following rights:

  • Request correction of private information.
  • Withdraw consent to use your data.
  • Request limitations on using your data.
  • Request deletion of your data.

You can exercise each and any of those rights at any moment by contacting Gabling Comet support and request it. You are legally entitled to exercise those rights, so Gambling Comet, as well as any of its affiliates, have to comply and fulfill any of the abovesaid requests upon your notice.

Corporate Transactions

The information provided by the clients might be a subject to exchange within Gambling Comet or between its parts. The personal data can also be shared between Gambling Comet and its potential affiliates in case a merger or acquisition occurs. Under such circumstances, all the customers will receive a notice from the service and would be able to withdraw their personal data from the website without it being transferred to the affiliates of the company.

In case a merger or acquisition occurs, the Privacy Policies of Gambling Comet might be altered in accordance with the requirements of the partners, in which case the customers are to receive a notice. However, the new policies of any potential affiliates would never go against the law of the land or cross any of the fundamental rights of the individual. That is why the customers can be certain of integrity and dignified treatment from both GamblingComet and any of its affiliates or potential partners.

What Information We Might Require

We might require different types of information to enhance your experience and improve the quality of our service. We aim at constant improvement, which is why we collect the data about your visits, the sections of our website you visit most frequently, and the content you pay the most attention too. This allows us to customize your experience and make it more relevant to you. That way, Gambling Comet shapes the offers and creates the suggestion blocks for the customers. We might also contact the customers to specify certain information, which always aims at improving the experience.

Among the information that we require might also be your location (as a part of identifiable information you agree to provide). We need to identify the geography of our clientele. We would also use the information about your age to identify the demographics of our clientele. These things help us improve the quality of the service we provide and increase the satisfaction rates of the customers. Knowing these basic things about our customers, Gambling Comet can take a couple of extra steps towards them and improve their experience in a considerable manner.

Only adults can be subjects to these policies, so the users have to be at least 18 years old to become the customers of Gambling Comet. Adults can agree to the collection and use of their personal information, which is why only adults are the subjects of these policies. We strictly prohibit the use of our service by children and teenagers, so we only allow adults to use our website and become members of Gambling Comet.

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