Lebanon Online Casinos

Online gambling is a huge industry that encompasses businesses and customers from all around the globe, so it is not surprising that people are interested in Lebanon online casinos for real money. Though passionate gamblers might encounter some problems finding an online casino in Lebanon, it is not entirely illegal here, and you can definitely find a way to play real casino online for real money Lebanon if you want. Today, we are going to discuss some of the main aspects of Lebanon online casino gambling, its legal status, some advantages and disadvantages of playing here, and the ways you can find the best real money online casino Lebanon can offer. Hop on, and together we will answer all of the questions regarding best online casino Lebanon options for gambling enthusiasts.

Online Casinos in Lebanon

Free Online Casinos vs Real Money Casinos in Lebanon

Real money online casinos are taking the world of gambling by storm, and to no surprise, because that is where you can play your favorite games and win money without having to go to an actual casino. This is a great option for those players who live in countries where gambling is not entirely legal, like online gambling in Lebanon actually is. Apart from real money gambling, you can also play free online games to win real money no deposit too, but the key difference between these two types of gambling is that you cannot win money in free online casino Lebanon websites offer.

Free websites are meant for the players who do not want to risk real money, so you can’t really call that gambling. Online gambling for free Lebanon can offer good training for new players who don’t really know how to play and want to practice first. Yes, you can have fun playing those games, but you cannot win cash there so that basically defies the whole point of gambling. If you join an online casino for real money Lebanon, though, you can actually gamble and win real cash, which is much more thrilling than free play.

That way, you can enjoy all sorts of benefits of a real casino like making bets, playing video chat games, receiving bonuses, and winning for real. That is exactly why players ask for casino online Lebanon where they can actually gamble like they would in a real thing. This is a true experience that gives you that adrenaline rush and makes your heart beat faster, and that is exactly why we are here – to talk about real gambling in Lebanon and discuss the ways you can enjoy the actual thing safely and without any redundant risks.

How We Rate Online Casinos Lebanon

Rating a casino is a challenging and time-consuming task, but we do it to save you some time and effort. There are hundreds of online casinos out there, that’s true, and you might be asking what is the best online casino in Lebanon. Well, there is only one official online gambling Lebanon website in the country, which is kinda sad because it only features lotteries and no other real games. This is why Lebanese players need to play offshore in order to get that genuine gambling experience they want. We subject each casino Lebanon online to several tests so you can receive the most detailed feedback.

To find the best websites for you, we go through every step a regular player would from creating an account and making the first deposit to trying out different bonus deals and contacting the support department to check how it works. We check all the legit online casinos Lebanon players prefer and give you profound feedback on the main advantages and disadvantages of each. Though there are no real Lebanon online casinos, we do our best to get you the information about all the casinos around the world so that you can pick a casino real money Lebanon to play and enjoy.

Banking Options

Banking is an essential part of your overall experience, and we always check the options you have to deposit and withdraw money to and from your casino. It is highly important to remember that you can only choose reliable payment options, which is exactly why we always strive to provide you the most relevant information about safe and secure banking options you might want to try.

Mobile Friendly

We check whether a casino has a mobile app or adapted web page to make it possible for you to enjoy gambling on the go. Mobile gambling has become a huge part of this industry, and we want you to play on the best mobile websites only. If you want to play your games and be free to go wherever you want, this might just be what you are looking for. We make sure all the casinos we offer have a fully functional mobile app or page so you can play comfortably and without any interruptions.


A professional support team plays a huge role in customer satisfaction, which is why we try to make sure all the legitimate online casinos Lebanon players choose, have a great support team behind the stage. To check this, we contact a support team just like a regular player would, we ask some questions, and challenge them a bit to see how they react and how effectively they deal with our issues. If the support operates around the clock, we call at different times of a day just to make sure they are really there.

Casino Bonuses

Most casinos offer bonuses to their players to increase their engagement and boost their interest in gambling. We always check whether the casino has anything extra to offer so that you always know what you are up to when you join a particular gambling website. There are different types of bonuses out there, and you can find at least some of them in each gambling place out there, and that is why we try to check them all to show you what are the special offers on each particular website.

The legal status of gambling is a kind of a rocky topic, to tell you the truth. Gambling is almost entirely illegal here due to the online casino regulations Lebanon enforces. The only land-based casino in the country is the Casino du Liban that has an exclusive right to operate on the territory of the country. The only legal online casino Lebanon offers is PlayLebanons, and to be fair; you cannot really call that a casino because you can only buy lottery tickets there, and that’s it.

So, what are your options? Well, the only chance for you to get that real experience is to use a VPN and play on foreign gambling websites. Gambling laws in Lebanon prohibit that, but with VPN you can do that if that is what you really want to do. You need to weigh up all the pros and cons first, but if you decide to play, you need to choose only trustworthy online casinos that have a proper license that was issued by a government of any country that allows online gambling. This is the first thing you need to consider when you enter any gambling website – check the license and any legal documents that prove the credibility of that website so that you know it is a trusted online casino Lebanon players can play at.

To make things extra clear here, we need to stress that again – online gambling is illegal in Lebanon, and there are no real gambling portals in Lebanon. When you choose to play, you need to take all the possible risks in mind and understand the possible consequences of making this choice. Though there are ways to play safely, you need to be cautious of what you do and how you do it.

Mobile Casinos Lebanon

It is fair to say that the gambling industry constantly grows and develops as more and more people around the world join in to play their favorite games. That is exactly why different businesses try to make their games closer to the clients by developing mobile apps that allow the players to enjoy their hobby wherever and whenever they want. Right now, you no longer need to spend the entire day at home playing – you can just download the app to your mobile device and spend time outside and travel freely while you play.

Of course, not all of the casinos support mobile gambling. When it comes to free play websites, they rarely feature online casino real money app, but almost all of the real money casinos have mobile apps. Obviously, real money casinos are more profitable, and these guys have money to pay some decent developers to make a mobile app for them. When you look for a place to gamble, make sure it features a mobile app, so whenever you want to play while away from your PC, you could just take your phone or tablet and do your thing. This is a great opportunity for those who spend much time on the go, so if you are one of those people, the mobile app would be of huge use.

Playing mobile games gives you access to all the features of a regular gambling website or even a real land-based casino, but all of that is stored in your pocket. This is a kind of innovation gamblers from all around the world have been waiting for, and now you can play live dealer games, slots, poker, blackjack, and literally any kind of game on your smartphone. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a VPN, so you are safe to play all you want.

Online Casino Games Variety in Lebanon

Of course, the gambling websites you’ll find feature tons of real money casino games Lebanon players know and love. You have many games and many options to choose from, and if you are new to that, you might even get a bit lost in a huge variety of Lebanon online casino games. You can find different titles and different genres, so if you are a complete newbie, you might want to first learn more by playing Lebanon online casino games for free. That way, you can try the games and learn more about them before you start to bet actual money. Only after that can you move to playing online casino games Lebanon for real money.

Top 10 Online Slots Lebanon

Slots are the icing on your casino cake since this is likely the most popular type of game you’ll ever play. Millions of players enjoy these games and win money every day, so you might also want to play slots online in Lebanon. There’s a huge variety of titles in this genre, so we are giving you a shortlist of slot machines online Lebanon gamblers love:

9 Masks of Fire

9 Masks of Fire is a journey to a mystical land where a fortune awaits those who dare to challenge the ancient magic. This is one of the best online slots Lebanon – 5 reels give you a total of 15 paylines, which is great for those players who want to really crank those bets up and win more.

Rockabilly Wolves

This is a visually simple yet appealing classic 5×3 slot that is set in the atmosphere of the 50s and gives you that specific feel of that classic gambling house. This game is easily one of the most popular Lebanon online slots for real money because here, you can make bets of 15 different paylines or make a huge bet on all of them at the same time.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

Mega Moolah is a timeless classic in the world of gambling, an old but ever-so-exciting slot that gives you the thrill of winning huge amounts of money. Thanks to its progressive system, you can increase your bets gradually and raise tremendous amounts of money with each spin. Of course, you need some luck to win, but if you do, you are up for a crazy ride.

Cash of Kingdoms

This is a great game that takes you to the fantasy world where swords and magic clash to make some cash. This game is the Skyrim of slots, a great fantasy that gives you that feel of real action.

If you are not sure which game to choose, you can always play slots for free Lebanon and just try those games before you switch to actual gambling. Here’s the list of some more games for you to choose from and play:

  • Evolution Lightning Roulette
  • Evolution Roulette
  • Agent Jane Blond Returns
  • Evolution Blackjack
  • Wheel of Wishes
  • Ancient Fortunes: Zeus

Online Blackjack Lebanon

Blackjack is easily one of the most popular table games in the world, and for a good reason since this game tests your skill as much as it does your luck. If you look for an online casino to play Blackjack in Lebanon, you need to look abroad, and when you do, make sure the casino features different types of blackjack you’d be able to play. There are many types of online blackjack Lebanon players prefer, and if you want a top-notch experience, try to find the one that has all the different types of this game.

Online Roulette Lebanon

Roulette is a luck-based game where everything depends on how good you are at making bets. You can pick Lebanon online casino to play roulette on many foreign websites that feature this game and all of its variations. This game is really exciting and adrenaline pumping, so you should definitely check online roulette Lebanon websites out to see what this game is about. It is best that you try it in a free mode first so that you know the deal and then move to making actual bets.

Online Casino Bonuses in Lebanon

Bonuses and rewards take a huge part of your experience in any casino, and that is exactly why you would always want to make sure the casino features some special deals both for the new players and loyal seasoned gamblers. There are different kinds of bonuses you can find in almost any free real money casino Lebanon players can access: free spins, free chips, welcome deals, loyalty programs, and more. It all starts with receiving that welcome bonus in Lebanon casino, which is the most widely spread type of reward for the new players. With that, you can get an edge in any game from the very beginning of your path, which is great for any player.

When you become an experienced player, you can receive a loyalty bonus, which might be different depending on the website. In most cases, you can receive a no deposit bonus Lebanon reward, as a part of a loyalty program, which is basically free money. This is the best kind of reward since no deposit casino bonus Lebanon actually gives you rewards for free, so you can basically get money just for being a loyal player. There also are such bonuses as free spins or bonus rounds as a part of your no deposit casino Lebanon loyalty program, so you need to keep your eyes peeled for those rewards and play regularly.

Online Casino Deposit Options in Lebanon

There are many online casino deposit methods in Lebanon you can use to send money to your casino of choice and play. To make a real money casino deposit, the first thing you need is a bank card with some money on it. From this point on, you can already make a deposit to your casino, but considering a peculiar situation with gambling in Lebanon, you need to make one extra step.

You need to have an e-wallet in a payment system that allows for secure private transactions that cannot be traced to make a safe Lebanon online casino deposit. To avoid any possible implications, you need an e-wallet that you can use without the bank being involved, so the best online casino payment methods in Lebanon are the ones that are completely unrelated to any Lebanese financial establishments.


Visa is one of the most widely spread payment systems out there and easily one of the most reliable. That is why online casinos accepting Visa are so widely spread, but it might only be a good idea to use it in countries where gambling is entirely legal. Lebanon might not be the kind of country you’d want to use a Visa card for gambling.


MasterCard is one of the most reliable payment methods used around the world, and it functions perfectly for playing online casinos with MasterCard. In Lebanon, however, this might not be your best shot to use this payment system since it is easy to trace from the outside. If you want to keep it to yourself, consider choosing another option.

Money Bookers

Money Bookers is an online payment system that allows you to maintain transactions in most currencies and do it fast. Online casinos Money Bookers is a popular option in many countries, but the drawback of this system is that it is not too fast. If you are okay waiting for 1 business day for your transaction to get approved – fine, but truth be told, this payment method is far from being the best.


EcoCard is an e-wallet and a card you can use to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the EcoCard online casinos. It is fast and safe to use, and most casinos around the world support this payment method. The best thing about it is that it is untraceable, so you can play and not worry about your information getting anywhere outside your casino.

International Maestro

You can make deposits to most online casinos with Maestro, but it might not be the best option for Lebanese players. The thing is that it is a payment system that is directly connected to your bank account, which makes it possible for the bank to see where you make deposits to. Though there are many real money casinos accepting Maestro International, it might not be your best option.


MuchBetter is an e-wallet payment system that allows you to maintain all sorts of transactions. There are many online casinos accepting MuchBetter around the world, so you can surely find some. It is fast and secure, so you do not need to worry about your money when you make any sort of transaction.


You can use Neteller to deposit and withdraw money in a matter of minutes as it is one of the fastest and most secure payment systems out there. There are many online casinos accepting Neteller , and to add more, this payment system allows you to hide all of your transactions from third parties, which is perfect for Lebanese players.

Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Casinos Lebanon

Playing casino games is exciting and even lucrative, but not all of the countries out there understand that and stand in people’s way of doing what they want. As said, it is challenging to gamble online in Lebanon, and you need to think twice before you make that decision. The main disadvantage of playing Lebanon casinos online is that it is illegal, so you need to go to foreign websites and use VPN to hide your online activities from the government. This does not seem to be a real problem to many Lebanon gambling enthusiasts, so you too can use some tricks to do that.

The only Lebanon gambling online portal is not really a casino, so most players here disregard it and don’t use it. Clearly, they want a real deal and not just some lottery website with no real games. That is why they find a way to make a Lebanon online casino real money gambling happen. Hopefully, the day will come, and there will be a real online casino Lebanon would allow, and the players would be happy to play there.

Lebanon Online Casino FAQs

Lebanon Online Casino FAQs

What kind of bonuses can I find at online casinos Lebanon?

There are different kinds of bonuses like a welcome bonus, free spins, free chips, loyalty bonus, and more.
Is it legal to play at online casinos in Lebanon?

No, it is not. Unfortunately, online gambling is forbidden there, and you can only play at foreign casinos using VPN.
Can I play at real money casinos for free?

You can play in a free mode, but you cannot win real money that way. To win real, you’ve got to bet real.
How can I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw money using one of many payment systems like Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, and others.