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paypal slots e1549967691130 Gone are those days when you had to take out your credit card to make payments for everything! The trouble of sending money to another country no longer exists. Casino using PayPal is here, and it has been around for many years. It has made life easy because one can send and receive payments without any hassle. Speaking of hassle-free payments, you can play free slots PayPal and save time. There are several benefits of depositing funds and withdrawing the winnings from PP while playing slots online. This post shall cover everything you need to know about the withdrawals and deposits.

Top PayPal Online Casinos to Play Slots

Paypal Benefits

When you use PP for deposits, you would be entitled to several benefits as well. We have listed them below!

  • Safe deposits
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Easy to use
  • Most sites offer this payment method
  • Auto-withdrawals
  • Welcome bonuses
  • A lot of PayPal casino live with deposits option

paypal advantagesSpeaking of welcome bonuses, the keen gamblers would be happy to know that new players get bonuses. All you need to do is join the slot casino online, and you would receive a welcome bonus to get started! It is a great starter for a new player because they have certain trust issues. This way the player can try the game before they start shelling out their money. Before you start gambling for real money, you must check out whether the game is apt for you. Do you like the theme? Is there any scope for winning? You can decide and continue playing on the same site.

You would be pleased to know that only the licensed casinos have access to PayPal. When you choose a site for depositing money, make sure it has PayPal option as well. Online slots with PayPal are genuine. Your money is hard-earned, and you must not spend it on an unprotected site.

Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal at every casino. Some countries do not allow such activity. It depends on where you stay. In Europe, you are allowed to make deposits using PP.

PayPal Slots with Real Money Deposits

You can deposit money in online slots PayPal. It is not rocket science! You do not need to have special skills to deposit. PP is a third-party payment process which makes it easy for the slot player to send payments to their account.

You would need to open the cashier page. It would take you to the login page of PP. Add enough funds and start gambling! It is simple, and the good news is that you do not have to pay anything to join PP. Creating an account on PayPal is free!

By the way, if most casinos provide welcome bonuses to those players which select PP as the payment method, some may even charge a bill for that.

There are plenty of PayPal casino sites that accept PP deposit and withdrawal options for slot players. Choosing one, make sure it has good feedback left by other gamblers. Surely, PP cooperates exceptionally with reliable casinos which can guarantee the safety of their players’ funds, yet, in all cases, it’s really worth being attentive, too.

When you disclose your card details on different websites, there is a risk that someone may hack the system. This means that your card details are not safe online! When you create an account on PP, you would need to type the card digits on different sites. PP is a widely accepted payment method. It is genuine, and the deposits would be safe!

Slot machines are perhaps the most widely played and popular casino games of nowadays. These are rather new games and are younger than most casino games accepting PayPal including roulette with PayPal, keno and even blackjack. They were first introduced to players over a century ago and have quite an easily traced history. A German immigrant named Charles Fey is considered as the founder of slots. According to rumors, he created the first slot machine in his workshop in 1887. Back then, these machines had three reels and not five ones as most casinos have now. We wonder, did Charles Fey know then that around a century later, his creation would bring around 70% of the US’s whole gaming revenue?

So, once you are planning to spend your free time over a game of slot this evening, it’s really worth making your deposits and withdrawals through PayPal. Slots PayPal are highly popular today. The major casino developers cooperate with PayPal. Among the leading names, you’ll meet Spin Palace, Dunder, Thrills Flying Casino, Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune. Every online casino PayPal provides the best conditions for spending some marvelous time and filling your pockets. Here are the major advantages of PayPal over other e-wallets when paying for slots:

Quick Operating

The high speed of making a casino accepting PayPal deposit or withdrawal really fascinates. It takes no more than a couple of minutes to have the money you intend to wager tonight on your casino account. For this, pass to the payment section, choose PP, enter the money you can afford for gambling, insert your username and password. After this, you will be transported to the company’s website to complete the deal. PayPal is really fast, perhaps faster than any other internet payment means. In as much as a couple of minutes, your money will appear on your casino account providing you with a marvelous chance to hit a jackpot! Making a withdrawal of your winning is as fast as making a deposit, too.


Reliability is another merit of this payment system. This feature makes players feel more confident in his/her funds. PayPal is definitely the most secure means of online money transfer, active in the market today. Besides, it offers a certain extent of flexibility. One can use either the money he has on his PP account, or link his bank account to the e-wallet for direct payouts. When playing slots that accept PP, as well as any other casino game including PayPal blackjack, PayPal poker online, and so forth, you know you the company stands for the security of your money. A huge team of PayPal operators is constantly online to monitor every money deal. This and the sixteen-digit encryption make PayPal unapproachable for cyber hackers.

Welcome Bonuses

As a rule, most slots PayPal casinos provide their players welcome bonuses whenever they choose PP as the means for making deposits and withdrawals. These are deposit adds on via a certain percentage (usually 15%), or free spins. Casinos encourage to use PP, as they are sure in the success of every operation made through this service.

The best casinos to play Paypal Slots online:

top paypal casinos

  • Dunder
  • Spin Palace
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Jackpot City
  • LeoVegas: Being one of the best PayPal online casinos, where you can make safe deposits in slots, LeoVegas is also referred to as the “king of mobile casinos”! It offers over 350 casino games, hence playing PayPal slots here is not only possible but also beneficial. Expect significant welcome bonuses here.
  • Ruby Fortune: One of the fairest, easiest, safest and most fun names in online gaming. Launched in 2003 and they are one of the six casinos that make up The Palace Group brand.
  • Cabaret club: One of the web’s most advanced casinos. Launched in 2009, they offer the most exciting, cutting-edge, virtual casino experience on the planet and, as part of the well established Palace Group of casinos, they also have successfully integrated over a decade of gaming expertise with the very latest online casino technology.

Unfortunately, you cannot use PayPal at every casino. Some countries do not allow such activity. It depends on where you stay. In Europe, you are allowed to make deposits using PP.

You get bonuses on the above-mentioned casinos. Bonuses are great because they allow getting started with the game! It is a motivation for the new rollers! If you are a low roller, you can try the no deposit version as well before you start putting money.

How to create PayPal account to play online slots

Just so you know, joining PP is free of cost. You would need to link your account to your bank account. It may be a time-consuming process because PayPal takes time to verify your account. The platform sends three small transactions to your account to check whether your bank account is valid or not. This may take few days. In some cases, it would be done within 24 hours.

Once you link your bank account, you can start sending and receiving money. Most importantly, you can start enjoying gambling online. One should take advantage of the gifts of technology. The best PayPal casinos online with slots would offer you faster payouts and deposits. You would not need to wait for several days to get your winnings!

Among the most widely used platforms of online transacting PayPal definitely has its honorable place. Surely the security of every transaction PayPal guarantees serves as the main reason why people choose particularly this online payment method, yet the service has a series of other pluses as well. For playing PayPal slots, one is not obliged to wait hours till his money appears on his casino account or worry about the security of his credit card.

Secure Payments Through PayPal with Real Money

Whenever making an online purchase, it’s crucial to first make sure your financial information is secured properly. No matter, whether you are sending money to a friend, buying goods online or want to fill your PayPal slots account with credits, trust PayPal for guaranteeing the security of all transactions. So, if you wonder particularly what makes PayPal such a secure system, here are the main points:

  • PayPal does never share any financial information of a user with any seller.
  • PayPal literally constantly (24/7) monitors money transactions fulfilled through its system so that users could feel calmer for the success of any operation.
  • PayPal doesn’t ever request any user’s sensitive information in an email and is always ready to assist its users whenever they come across a suspicious seller. PayPal struggles against fraudulent charges and encourages its users to be attentive when sending money to sellers let them be poker sites that accept PayPal or shops.
  • From the very start of a money transaction to your account of online slots with PayPal to the finish, PayPal’s encryption guarantees safety.
  • PayPal protects purchases around the whole world (around 200 countries) and processes twenty-five currencies. And whenever there is any problem with a transaction, PayPal can put a hold on the money and proceed the order after resolving the issue.
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