Online Casinos Accepting Visa in US

When you think of different payment methods, Visa comes to mind right away. Not for nothing too! Let’s talk about how Visa, being one of the safest and most popular payment methods in the world, can be used in the online casino industry. There is definitely a lot more than just one USA casino that takes Visa credit card. Your Visa card is the perfect way to make a deposit and start putting bets in the online gambling world. 99% of online casinos in the United States of America actually accept Visa as a deposit method.

Top Visa Casinos 2024

Virtual casinos are the modern world alternative to the classical Las Vegas casinos you are used to seeing in so many movies. All the adrenaline, without the need to travel, get dressed and pay for an overly expensive hotel in the gambling capital of the world. One can even say this is a way to save money. All online casinos that accept Visa are completely legal which provides an additional level of confidence in where you are depositing your money. With a reputation like Visa’s to take care of, there is no way they would be partnering with anyone not worthy your time.

Best Online Casinos to Play With Visa

To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best online casinos which accept Visa as a deposit method. Take a look at our TOP 10 pics and choose whichever is looking at you. After all, we can only create the list. The needed luck is in the choice you make below.

Three Main Reasons to Gamble with Visa

An online casino which accepts Visa is a payment method, or Visa casino, is probably one of the safest ways to gamble in the online world. Gambling sites work with Visa as a team in order to make sure you are getting the finest experience out there.

Safety. Any company that wants to work with Visa must go through and keep following the safety rules of online payments that Visa finds acceptable. This can be a tedious process and websites work hard not to lose that trust. Thus, providing the safest method of payment for you is the goal of casinos that accept Visa cards.

Privacy. With the recent influx of private information just floating around the web, people want to be sure that their data is stored well. Visa for online gambling guarantees this by demanding it from the casinos that wish to use this payment method for their deposits.

Great service. Customer support at Visa is known for their high standards. So, you can count on them in whichever pickle you find yourself in. They are constantly there to help and provide wonderful service tailored to your needs. Moreover, visa offers their customers a huge range of real money games and many live dealer games to choose from.

Visa Advantages for Gambling

The advantages of using visa for gambling are numerous. Let us name just a few to get your gambling and winning fantasy going.

  • Extremely low fees (as low as zero at most casinos)
  • Reliable and dependable payment method
  • Accepted at 99% of online casinos
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Completely safe 
  • Easy to use

Together with the company’s despicable reputation and the simplicity of online payment in general, gambling with Visa has never been easier. You can be sure of online casinos accepting Visa to be safe, reliable and stable. If Visa can trust them with their finances, so can you.

Visa Disadvantages for Gambling

Now that it all sounds too good and perfect to be true, let us look at some disadvantages you face if you decide to make a deposit with Visa to an online casino.

  • A small percentage of US banks don’t allow online casino payments. 
  • Like with all online purchases, the risk of overspending exists. 
  • A bank account is required for this payment method. 
  • Your bank will see that you gamble online. 

Therefore, while the Visa payment method is very convenient, like all online payment methods it has a standard list of drawbacks you can expect while shopping anywhere online.

How to Make Deposit With Visa

One can find many online casinos to play with Visa but it all starts with understanding the “how” behind it. The process of making a deposit with your visa credit card is rather easy but let us go through each of the steps to make it crystal clear.

Connect your payment card to your bank account.

Most people already have this done by default without even realizing. A simple way to check if you fall under this category is by calling your bank and asking if your Visa card is connected to the bank account you have with them. Check the visa official website for more information.

Choose one of the online casinos that accept Visa cards.

Here you have two options. You can either choose one of the casinos suggested in the table above or choose one yourself. All the ones above have already been checked by us so we can confirm that they do accept Visa as a payment method, and you can just click and go. If you prefer choosing an online casino yourself, then just look for banking options when visiting their website and double check that Visa is one of them.

Register and select Visa as your deposit method.

Many visa online casinos require you to create an account before you are able to play. When signing up, just make sure to indicate that your preferred method of deposit is Visa.

Take advantage of the bonus!

Most online casinos have a deposit bonus or a particular loyalty program that you can take advantage of. It usually requires a deposit of a specific amount, but you can end up doubling what you put in so make sure to grab the bonus they offer.

Input your card details.

This is the standard payment page you have probably already encountered online.

Confirm the payment.

There you have it! You are now all set to get your game on.

Information about Visa Inc.

In case you are unfamiliar with Visa, let us give you a few facts about them. After all, only hard facts and numbers can truly give you a quality understanding of what kind of payment system you are dealing with.

Company name Visa
Branch Financial services company
Headquarters Fresno, CA, USA
Official website 
Founded  1958
CEO Alfred F Kelly Jr
Founder Dee Hock
Number of countries in coverage 25
Payment Volume 8.8 T USD as of 2019
Transactions processed yearly 138.3 in 2019
Revenue 20.61 billion USD as of 2018
Number of Employees 19,500
Active cards worldwide 3.4 B USD as of 2019
Customer service phone number 00 44 20 7795 5777
Visa Global Help Numbers  List of toll-free numbers
Number of Visa casinos 50+
Best Visa Casino Slots Empire

Now that you know a few crucial facts about the Visa company, you can see that it has a big legacy to live up to. If comparing some of the data above to earlier years, one can easily see a dynamic growth which is definitely the way you want the company processing your payments to go.


Overall, Visa is and has been for a while now one of the most popular and secure payment methods out there. You can be confident that if an online casino has this method available, they can be trusted with your deposit. Dynamically evolving, Visa is making purchases online simpler with every passing year and with toll-free numbers of customer support available all over the world, you can be sure your money is in good hands.

Gambling websites that accept Visa card must meet strict safety and privacy standards if they want to collaborate with Visa so sit back, make a deposit and start trying your luck.

Visa Casinos FAQ

Visa Casinos FAQ

Is Visa safe to be used in online casinos?

Yes, Visa is safe to be used in online casinos. Like with any online shopping experience, they guarantee the safety of your funds and privacy of your information.

Are there any fees when you are making deposit?

Most casinos have zero fees when you make a deposit with your visa card. However, even the ones that do have fees in place, have very low rates.

What online casinos are accepting Visa?

All USA online casinos accept Visa to make a deposit on their website. A few examples of good online casinos accepting Visa are Slots of Vegas and Slots Empire.

Is it legal to use Visa in US casinos?

Completely! It is totally legal to use your Visa card in US casinos. While these casinos have only a few legal deposit methods available, Visa is always one of them.