Difference between Online Poker and Video Poker

Online Poker

Online poker is one of the virtual entertainments that has already captivated the minds of the players all over the globe. For many people, this virtual alternative to a land casino is an excellent way to stay at home enjoying the game. Even though there are some slight differences between both online and offline gambling games, the experience remains similar.

The majority of such online websites ask you to sign up first and deposit some money. Some platforms offer to play for free a limited number of games to ensure that the site fits you. After this, you should make up your mind: you want to participate in a virtual tournament or play some cash game.

The best thing about online poker is that you also play with real people; however, don’t have to sit near them. So, you don’t have to worry that some powerhouse players can read your body language. At the same time, you can still see whether the opponents are bluffing based on their playing cards.

Online poker providers create playing rooms that resemble the real ones. You can barely have the feeling that everything is virtual. The players can choose diverse game types, sizes of the stakes, and also cash types. If you are new to the casino world, you can try out the games for beginners and tempt fortune with no risks.

Video Poker

Many online poker providers offer video poker as one of the options. Also, you may find video poker machines in some land casinos. No matter where you decide to play, the impressions will be pretty the same due to the motley design, sound effects, and games’ collections. This game is a 5-card draw game, where different games have similar rules. Thus, you won’t spend much time figuring out how to play this or that video poker game.

Here is how everything works: the players place a bet to get their five cards. Looking at your cards, you can decide on whether to change some of the cards or not. If you do change some of these, you have a new set of cards, and the first round is over. Now, according to the paytable above the game, every player receives a specific payment.

People in video poker play with the machine and not the real (even though virtual) opponents. That is the main difference between this game and online or land-based poker. A single game is one of the reasons people like video poker. Thus, the higher hand you have, the more chances to receive better payouts.

Talking about strategies, there are no specific ones the players can use. It does not mean, however, that there are no strategies at all. The players find their ways to decrease the house edge in video poker. One of such strategies is card-swapping, for instance. The most critical thing is to play right in the first round, as it is a decisive stage.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Online vs. Video Poker

Online poker


  • The atmosphere of a land-based casino.
  • It is affordable and offers different pricing options.
  • Lots of bountiful bonuses.
  • Most online games can be played via mobile.
  • Video chats for better interconnection among the players.


  • A limited number of players
  • It can be addictive.
  • Minimal interaction with the players.
  • Live dealer games presuppose some experience in playing this type of game.
  • It Can Be Addictive

Video poker


  • Easy and fun to play.
  • You should not neccessarily be experienced to play it.
  • The payback percentage is high.
  • You don’t have to socialize with other players.
  • Lots of games at your choice.


  • It is impossible to predict the Random Number Generator.
  • It can be addictive.
  • No interaction with other players.
  • Strategies can be hard to memorize.
  • Lack of solid decision-making skills will lead to substantial monetary losses.

Which One Is for You?

Both games are viral among the gamblers. In fact, people may switch from online to video poker for fun and diversity. Nevertheless, there are certain things about these two games that appeal more to some people than the rest. So, let’s look at who would love to play online and video poker.

Online poker is more for a patient player who likes to take some time and mull over the strategy. Also, this game presupposes some interaction between the players, even though a limited one. Therefore, if you like to play on your own with no intercommunication, it is, probably, not the best variant for you. Also, it is better to have some experience in playing poker, applying the strategies, and getting down to some online variants.

As for video poker, you would love the game if you are fond of the fast-paced games. Besides, it is an excellent variant for the less experienced players, as the game is rather simple. Having some basic understanding of how poker works, you can benefit from video poker and have a good time. Finally, it its perfectly those who are not into sitting next to some strangers.